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Queens Quarters
Drawing Room
Guest Room
The Staff

Dearies! Welcome to the courtyard! Undwind and relax from the hustle and bustle!! And listen to the queen rant some more about herself!

Eowyn: Welcome to the courtyard. I am the the groundkeeper, Eowyn. If you need something, please ask me or my apprentice, Pikwik.

Dearies! Well, as for what you learn in the courtyard, nothing really Important! But since he actually came out here, you can't leave without knowing something more about me! Hvae you guessed this fact yet!? The queen is mega medieval fantasy baby!! How unsuspected was that!?!? Never saw it coming!  Also I need something on here for you to have, so enjoy the avvies!


Pikwick: Hi! My name is Pikwick! I am am fourteen and training to be grounds keeper! I love the castle here, It's awesome! And spunk is too!

I chose this icon because thsis musical rocks everyones socks!
I chose this one because it is funny! ^^
I picked this one because it reminds of one of my guy friends who loves doing the bend and snap!

Kick it, turkey!