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Drawing Room

Queens Quarters
Drawing Room
Guest Room
The Staff

                        Drawing Room

Welcome!! This is my drawing room, but mostly this is where I write! As you will note below, I have enclosed a little about the stories I am writing! Hey, the Queen can write in her spare time! Anyway, If you like the Introdution, let me know and I'll send ya a piece!

 Story snipets for the interested subjects:
Captain's Log: A story about a young pirate captain named Liel and his struggle to overcome his pasts fears to stay alive. With canibalism, mutiny, a sea godess, an enchanted island, storms, and a fight to keep sane, I like the flow and movement.
The Spirit Keeper: A tale of an average arogant highschool boy who finds himself trapped in another world as it struggles to overcome the darkness intruding. The only way for the team of misfits (Alex, Gwen the keeper of the woods, Donavan the dwarf, and Moshi the perverted manin a cats body) to set things straight is to stop in and see the king. But is the king really what he seems to be?
Untitled: not titled yet, but is a story of a young man who works as a blacksmith in his family shop. After the death of his parents, he is left to raise his brothers. With dreams of becomg much more than a smith, and when he meets a traveler with strict demands and his brotehrs starts to have visions of a man named Cadrien. Cadrien is the magical guardian of the missing princess, so what has he to do with this smith?

Hullo dear hearts! The queen here! Congrats on fiiding me here. You'll find the rest of the staff out an about the palace.

Kick it, turkey!