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Queens Quarters

Queens Quarters
Drawing Room
Guest Room
The Staff

M y room of sorts! It's messy, so I apologize.

Welcome to my chambers....for those who wish to visit and leanr a little about the queen herself!

Hi! The queenie here! I take it, if you are reading this note, you have stumbled into my bedroom! Sorry about any mess you may find! I suppose you came here to learn a little about me? Haha! To bad, here you simply find my agitated nurse....(she is why I'm not in here, she'll make me clean!) But anyways, Enjoy hanging in my room, just don't toch my stuff! >.<

                 Spunkonian Queen


Apperance and such:

Height: 5 feet
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Hazel
Interest: Theatre, writing, acting, medieval, pirates, anime, and such. mainly S.PU.N.K.

Casandra: I am the queens nurse. I clean and such, but some things she needs to do on her own! If you wish to find her, she is in the drawing room!

Kick it, turkey!